Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month: Worlds Imagined

Kitties in the Cloth Basket by Sonny Clarke,  featured artist and art for DDAM logo 2022.

DDAM 2022

Officially proclaimed in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month was established to bring awareness to the needs, potential and contributions of Americans with Developmental Disabilities. To honor DDAM, The National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (a group of 56 organizations across the U.S. who receive federal funding to support programs that promote integration and inclusion for all people with developmental disabilities) has established an annual, month-long social media campaign to celebrate progress made and encourage further discussion, asking: How can we ensure the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all facets of community life? What barriers might people with I/DD still face when trying to engage in their community?

This year’s DDAM Campaign theme is “Worlds Imagined”. As stated by the NACDD, “Our world is changing as we move beyond the pandemic, as we examine intersectionality and I/DD, and as we look at how people with I/DD are living longer and more productive lives. The ‘Worlds Imagined’ theme helps us explore new and ever-changing opportunities.”

We encourage everyone to participate in DDAM 2022! For family members, friends, employers, partners, and organizations like Cascade, the DDAM campaign is a great time to share stories, experiences and resources for people with and without disabilities here in our community.

Share your thoughts and experiences with a large, diverse audience via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtags: #DDawareness2022, #DDAM2022, and #WorldsImagined. Make sure to tag the NACDD (@NACDD) and Cascade Community Connections (Facebook, Instagram) so we can see and share your posts!

Need Inspiration? Here are some potential topics for #DDAM posts: 

  • Highlight what’s happening in your community, or state.
  • Share the ways you and your friends/family like to participate in community activities.
  • If you are employed, share something you like about your job.
  • Tell us your thoughts on how your community could improve their awareness of I/DD.
  • Share your journey/experience with independent living.
  • Share your art! – the NACDD and DDAM are prominent supporters of the arts. Cool fact: this year’s DDAM logo features artwork by Calvin ‘Sonny’ Clarke from the Art Enables studio in Washington D.C.


This year, the NACDD provided videos, podcasts, and additional resources to help promote inclusion. Check out some of these resources below.


Check out some of these informational videos from around the country.


A collection of informative podcasts. Just press play to start listening. Episode transcripts also available.

BOGGS CAST by the Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities

Additional Podcasts:

Barrier Free Futures – Radio program reflecting health, home/community living, arts/entertainment, legislation, technology, sports and recreation, education and employment activities, events and resources affecting persons with disabilities from a wide range of ages, ethnic and economic backgrounds.

Disability Visibility – a podcast hosted by Alice Wong featuring conversations on politics, culture, and media with disabled people.

Down to the Struts – Qudsiya Naqui is a lawyer and activist living in Washington DC. She identifies as a blind, South Asian woman, and is dedicated to making spaces and systems more inclusive of disabled people through public education, storytelling, and amplifying the voices of disabled people.

The Accessible Stall – podcast by Emily Ladau and Kyle Khachadurian. This podcast keeps it real about issues within the disability community.


Links to additional text and articles.

“What Companies Gain by Including Persons with Disabilities” by Chad Jerdee for the World Economic Forum. An article aimed at the wider business audience.

“Random Acts of Kindness Kick Off DDA” by Stephanie Panny. A news story about a unique type of DDAM event started by the Reaching Beyond Limits organization.

Creative Like Me – A collaboration between Fulton County Arts and Culture (FCAC) through the Public Art Program, and the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (BHDD). This award winning initiative seeks to provide creative enrichment opportunities to BHDD clients that meets them at their individual learning needs.

Pittsverse Magazine is a quarterly publication written exclusively by adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder that aims to increase inclusion and broaden the general understanding of autism.

Resources for Creating an Inclusive Community by The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington. A great (and far from the only) example of a resource bank designed for but not limited to distribution among religious communities.

“Transforming Impossible to Possible: Josh’s Journey to Success” by Perspectives Corporation. One of Perspectives Corporation’s several long-form success stories that highlights an effective education program in Rhode Island.

“Talking about Healthy Relationships” from Elevatus Training.

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