Cascade Staff Partakes in R3 Online Training for ASD

In August our team partook in a Washington Dept. of Social and Health Services training course focused on Autism Spectrum Disorder and how we, as Supported Employment and Community Engagement Specialists, can better serve our clients with ASD.

The topics were centered around Adults with ASD, barriers they may face in their day-to-day lives, and how to help address any social challenges they may face in the home, workplace, and community. The course was presented by Monica Meyer of Battle Ground, Washington. Meyer is an Autism Consultant, providing Technical Assistance and training to Supported Employment organizations like ours.

We wanted to share the full course curriculum with our readers so our clients, partners, and followers are aware of what internal actions we take to ensure our clients have the best support possible.

Part 1: Socialization: Living Environments for Adults with Autism, Roommates and Staff
What is needed to provide a successful living environment and community life for adults with ASD.

Part 2: Autism and Medical/Dental Appointments
Addressing barriers adults with ASD may face when visiting the doctor or dentist for an appointment.

Part 3: Sensory Needs for Adults with Autism
How various senses contribute to everyday functioning and how to recognize common sensory differences in individuals with ASD.

Part 4: Adults with Autism Structure and Predictability
Resources for providing structure and predictability for adults with ASD including physical organization, schedules, communication style, and preferences.

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