Employee Highlight: Barb Greenwood

Barb Greenwood has been an invaluable member of our team since 2019, and an indispensable member of the greater Jefferson County community, having spent the last 34 years working for the Chimacum School District where she continues today.

Barb joined Cascade after observing Founder and Director Taylor Webster with a client at the Chimacum School District’s 3-8 Library. “Taylor was working with a client, recycling materials for the school. I knew her client and saw the joy and purpose Taylor was bringing to the client’s life and I knew I wanted to be part of it.”

As a Community Engagement Specialist at Cascade, Barb helps our clients pursue their individual goals and interests, facilitating connections, activities, and relationships within the local community.

“I’m passionate about advocating, promoting, and improving pathways to meaningful, integrated lives for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. I celebrate their abilities, not their disabilities.”

Since working with Cascade, Barb has witnessed her clients achieve numerous major milestones. “I’ve seen a client who would never leave the home now be excited about leaving since they found a passion. I’ve had a non-verbal client find his voice. Friendships in the community that have formed, new interests that have developed, and new skills that have been discovered. There’s a big, open world to explore and engage in, and sharing that with my clients is my top priority. I am committed to making sure my work welcomes, involves, and benefits people from all backgrounds and identities.”

Outside of her work with Cascade and the Chimacum School District, Barb is a proud mother, grandmother, and avid gardener. “I’m happiest while spending time with my grandchildren and listening to music. Gardening brings me joy in life at all different levels. My garden is the place I just relax and ease into finding a solution, peace, or joy.”

A Real Team Player: Barb helps facilitate bocce ball days at Fort Worden and game nights at the Pourhouse.

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