Reed Thompson: Fulfilling His Goal Working with Technology & Computers

Reed Thompson has been fulfilling his long-time goal of learning more about computers, technology, and hardware installations as a part-time intern at Hadlock Computer Services. After moving to Port Townsend in the winter of 2020, Reed first began working with computers at Dailey Computer Consulting before moving to Hadlock Computer Services in 2022. We asked Reed what some of the highlights from his internships have been. See his answers below!

Have you always had an interest in technology and computers?

Reed: “Yes, from the age of 15.”

What have you learned about computers since you started your internship?

Reed: Learning to fix hardware.

What type of computer-related fixes are your favorite?

Reed: Installing Windows and Solid State Hardware.

Do you have any hobbies in addition to computers?

Reed: Just computers at this time.

Partnering with Cascade

Our Supported Employment Specialists are always eager and willing to speak with potential community employers and those looking to build a more inclusive work environment. Building these partnerships is key to providing inclusive employment opportunities for adults with disabilities. We are thankful for the Hadlock Computer Services and Dailey Computers for their commitment to providing valuable opportunities for adults with I/DD.

What role does Cascade play after an individual is hired? 

Our Supported Employment Services are tailored to each individual client and employer, and can vary based on specific needs, desires, strengths and abilities.

How can a local employer get involved with Cascade?

Reach out to us! We have so many wonderful job seekers that are looking for job placements.

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