Community Engagement

Accessing community resources can be challenging for individuals with developmental disabilities. Cascade Community Connections provides one-on-one services designed to increase connection and engagement in a variety of formal and informal community networks and settings. We connect participants to individuals, organizations, and resources in their community and provide support as they develop the skills, roles, and positive relationships to foster increased inclusion.

Our Approach

Our services emphasize Person-Centered Practices and are provided in Integrated Settings. These are key components of Cascade’s mission, and help to identify desired personal outcomes based on an individual’s life goals, interests, abilities, and preferences.

Person-Centered Practices

Person-centered practices are those practices which support and strengthen the idea that individuals with disabilities have the same rights and responsibilities as anyone else, such as:

  • Expressing what they want in their everyday lives.
  • Taking and/or maintaining control of their lives.
  • Making their own choices.
  • Connecting and contributing to the community.
  • Finding purpose through engagement.
  • Seeing friends and family as often as they like.
  • Managing their own money and other resources.

Integrated Settings

Integrated settings are settings in which individuals with disabilities can interact with the non-disabled in the broadest sense possible, providing the opportunity to live, work and receive services just like anyone else in the greater community. Integrated settings:

  • Are located in "mainstream" society.
  • Offer access to community activities and opportunities.
  • Occur at the time and frequency of the individual's choosing.
  • Occur with the people of the individual's choosing.
  • Allow for individual choice making.
  • Allow for seeing friends and family as often as one likes.
  • Provide opportunities to interact with peers.

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Our Local community engagement partners

Cascade is proud to have partnered with a number of Jefferson County organizations kind enough to provide the integrated settings in which our clients can fully engage in meaningful, person-centered practices.

Irondale Church Community Soup

Jefferson County Historical Society

Port Townsend Food Bank