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If you are a Jefferson County business interested in diversifying your workplace by hiring individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, start by browsing the resources below. We’ve provided links, articles and answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Supported Employment. We’re here to help ensure that employer and employee build a lasting and reliable relationship.

Helpful Links

Cascade Community Connections Blog

We continuously share local success stories, tips for employers, and national news surrounding I/DD awareness and acceptance on our blog.

Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy

An excellent resource for national policy and reference materials, such as:

IRS, Tax Benefits for Businesses Who Have Employees with Disabilities

There are various tax credits and deductions for businesses that employ individuals with disabilities, each detailed on the IRS’s website.

EARN, Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion

A free resource that helps employers tap into the benefits of disability diversity by educating public and private sector organizations on ways to build inclusive workplace cultures.

Job Accommodation Network

Free resources are provided by the United States Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy.

What are some of the benefits of hiring people with developmental disabilities?

  • Large, untapped pool of dedicated and qualified employees.
  • Higher employee retention, lower employee turnover.
  • Economic incentives.
  • Increased productivity and morale.
  • Improved brand trust.

Commonly Asked

Do employees with disabilities require more supervision than those without disabilities?

No – managing employees with disabilities is no different than managing any other staff. We advise managers to use the same successful tactics their organization has set in place, ensuring productivity and teamwork with all employees. As part of creating a truly inclusive work place, employees with disabilities should not be micro-managed or expected to under-perform compared to their co-workers.

Are there any risks associated with employing people with disabilities, such as an increase in workers’ compensation costs or higher health care costs?

None have been reported. Workers’ comp costs are not based on individual employees or individual claims. Health insurance premiums work in the same manner. In a 2008 study, most large and medium-sized companies saw no significant increase in health insurance costs after employing people with disabilities. These employers also reported that any additional costs are often outweighed by the value that workers with disabilities bring to the workplace.

Are employees with disabilities as productive as employees without disabilities?

Absolutely. This is a vast, untapped labor pool of qualified individuals who are excited to work and notoriously reliable. Studies have even shown that companies who hire people with disabilities see an increase overall productivity and company moral.

Where does an agency like Cascade fit in?

As an employment support agency, we work in tandem with qualified applicants and businesses to match employees to specific company job needs. This could be help in fulfilling current open positions, or building a new position that meets the applicants’ capabilities and job interests. Our services last long after a position has been filled and our job coaches remain on site to provide ongoing employee support and assessment. We help assure a mutual satisfaction between employer and employee has been met or exceeded.

Are Cascade services expensive for businesses to implement?

No – our services come at no cost to employers!

How does my organization get involved?

Contact us today to talk with a Supported Employment Specialist.

We’re ready to assist in your goal of building a more inclusive workplace. Email us at taylor@casconnections.org or visit the Contact Us page and fill out the form for organizations.