The ACE-IT Transition Program was developed in the summer of 2016 and is a collaboration between the Port Townsend School District, the Jefferson County Developmental Disabilities Program, the Fort Worden PDA, and ACE-IT Employment Services
Port Townsend School District provides both the funding and transportation for students to attend ACE-IT Transition Program.

The goal of the program is to maximize a student’s opportunity for independence. The postsecondary Transition Program is for students ages 18-21 who have completed their high school requirements and wish to further develop skills in job training, independent living, and life skills. Through a series of targeted internships students have the opportunity to acquire competitive, marketable and transferable skills to enable them to apply for a related employment upon completion.

The benefits of an offsite Transition Program in a host business—such as Fort Worden—is that it allows students to participate in integrated, competitive, on-the-job training while making community connections that will serve them in their adult lives.

Students work one-on-one with a job coach developing strategies to help them succeed in their designated vocational plan. The interns gain skill development in:


· Interpersonal communication

· Task prioritization,

· Teamwork

· Customer service

· Organization

· Listening skills and ability to take direction

· Problem solving and decision making

· Development of positive work ethics and motivation.